Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Victory is ours!

Hi there. Chris here, coming at you with the most triumphant Touch Artists blog post thus far.

We did it. We finally recorded a song (with all due respect to "Ominous Chords," of course). From December 30 through January 5, Lea and I holed up in a smallish room in southern Maryland and wrote, recorded, edited, and mixed what has become our first "full" song.

That's right. Everything about this track was assembled from scratch in a little less than a week. It's entitled "When the Sun Dies" and, needless to say, we are quite proud of it. In fact, our only regret is that fellow bandmate Amber was not present to join in the festivities. (Then again, I was not present for "Ominous Chords," so there will be future opportunities.)

In any case, both the music and lyrics were co-written (so you can't blame one of us without blaming both). Lea is, of course, on acoustic guitar and lead vocals; that's me on electric guitar and harmonies.

Forgive the so-called "microphone quality." You may be tempted to pull out the indie cliche, "This sounds like it was recorded in someone's bedroom." Well, it was. And we do intend to re-record with better equipment (and fewer mistakes) at some point, so this is really just a demo. But it is a song and it did happen.

The Touch Artists -- "When the Sun Dies" (mp3|5.45MB)

Or stream it at our MySpace.

Any questions, comments, and concerns are, of course, warmly welcomed! Rock over, London. Rock on, Chicago.

Street Corner Performance: 11/11/07.

Street Corner Performance: 11/11/07.
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