Saturday, September 6, 2008

2008 what?

It's a little disheartening to think that this thing hasn't been updated for almost a year. I thought I'd remedy that with a little news, in case anyone actually reads this. I'm sure there's maybe ... one? Or that could be the peyote talking.

Despite hardcore university life and soul-sucking day jobs, the Touch Artists have been undergoing a vicious kicking of the gears. I've decided temporarily that being in a Shakespearean sci-fi rock musical is far more important than attending classes this Autumn (or, at least, that's what I'm telling myself), so you can look for me in the Newtowne Players' November production of "Return to the Forbidden Planet." There will be tentacles (and possibly Starbucks)!

Amber has taken to falling on her head occasionally, but only when animals of the equine persuasion are involved. I don't know how she can narrow down the frequency of the occurrence to an ordered state; I fall on my head arbitrarily and whenever possible.

Chris, I believe, has either finally gained dictatorship in a small third world country (though he plans to make it larger by June of 2010). Either that, or he's fallen into a university-created literary aperture, occasionally peeking out to say "hello" - and, of course, update us on the status of his domination over the as of yet unspecified third world country. Chris and I holed together for a week in August and prepped a couple of parts for demo, which means that something should be posted here for sampling ... at some point.

We're all planning to convene again from the 18th to the 21st of September overall, mainly to absorb the music of people far more talented than ourselves, but possibly making the skeleton of a cohesive track, and perhaps breathing or eating, though we aren't entirely sure.


LMS said...

I think you are a sexy sexy bunch...'cause that's not weird or anything.


Your biggest fan <3

lmc said...


In the famed words of our dear Ako:

You are made of so much win that the win factories all had to shut down because of a product deficit.

Or something like that. Leave it to me to forget the important details.

Hope you're having fun in France, and I swear we'll record something soon so you can rethink your appreciation.


Street Corner Performance: 11/11/07.

Street Corner Performance: 11/11/07.
We are made of awesome. And carbon.