Sunday, September 21, 2008

demo (ominous chords)

It's all serious business around Touch Artist Headquarters ("tah" when abbreviated, and yes, we do actually say "tah" instead of spelling it out; it makes us cooler), as per usual. As promised, we do have a demo, but it isn't one that's going to make it onto the new album, unfortunately (as much I plead and beg - they beat me, they really do).

As of right now, it's available for download here on our blog. (edited to add: also available on our myspace.)

The Touch Artists - "Ominous Chords"

What people are saying about "Ominous Chords":
"It didn't seem like they were trying hard enough." - Filter

"I wanted to dance, but at the same time, I wanted to stay put. I've never felt so paradoxically conflicted in my life. ... Wait. Never mind. There was that one band. I think they all died. Nevertheless, this is a great single and I thoroughly recommend listening to it while on some sort of hallucinogen." - Under the Radar

"NOPE." - Large Hadron Collider, on destroying the world.

"Rating: negative eleventy and/or nine-point-nine. I'm pretty sure this song makes me want to kill myself. [...] On the other hand, "Ominous Chords" is just the kind of push we all need to do something substantial for the world we live in. [...]" - Pitchfork

"No." - Anonymous

"We have a record?" - Amber

Varying interpretations of "Ominous Chords":
"It's pretty clear that the illegal parakeets are the true ninjas. Being ninjas, their activities are illicit by default, thereby appropriating them to ninjahood. It is unclear whether or not the ominous chords are aware of the secret lives of these parakeets, but I guess that means the birds are doing their job." - Amber

"Regardless of the grammatical leanings of this song, I'm sure that the chords themselves are the real ninjas. Raising illegal parakeets has just been included as a requisite practise of anyone ascribing themselves to ninjahood, and I only know this because of my association with actual ninjas." - Lea

"This song represents a subconscious lust for their parents." - Freud

"No." - Anonymous

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Street Corner Performance: 11/11/07.
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